At South Shore Investment Services we believe that working in the best financial interest of the client is the best way to do business.

working with a fiduciary

When looking for a retirement income professional or a financial advisor, you may hear the term “fiduciary”. What does this mean, especially as it relates to a financial advisor?  

A “fiduciary” advisor is a financial advisor who has an obligation to make recommendations and financial decisions that are in a client’s best interest. This also means they can’t make certain decisions or recommendations because it would pay a larger commission to the advisor. Bryan Galligan is a fiduciary and has a fiduciary duty to provide services consistent with the Client’s best interest. 

Fiduciary requirements​

Fiduciaries & Client Trust 

When you work with a financial advisor you give them access to your investments and your money and they could have discretionary control of your assets if you so choose. That means they may be able to make decisions on their own, without your approval. For that reason alone, working with a fiduciary is incredibly important. Trust is an important part of the relationship between clients and advisors, the fiduciary responsibility can help build that trust.