Nancy Story

Client Services Associate

about nancy

Nancy is a key player in elevating the client experience at South Shore Investment Services, drawing upon her extensive background in client relations and organizational management.

Commencing her journey in the financial sector, Nancy spent five years as an Administrative Assistant at Ameriprise. This tenure not only refined her skills in client service but also provided invaluable experience in supporting financial planning processes. Before her role at Ameriprise, Nancy diversified her skill set through engagements with local non-profit organizations, contributing to a family-run business, and excelling in retail management.

Proud to call Scituate home, Nancy finds solace and joy in the coastal community. In warmer months, she frequently enjoys beachside dinners with friends, embracing the seaside lifestyle. As temperatures cool, Nancy indulges her love for intellectual pursuits, immersing herself in activities such as watching Jeopardy, true crime documentaries, and mysteries. Her loyal canine companion, Cecily, is a constant presence, enhancing these moments of relaxation.

Nancy’s work is guided by a commitment to building enduring connections and enhancing the client experience. With a diverse background, Nancy enriches the team at South Shore Investment Services, bringing unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.