We provide a plan to create a complete financial landscape to help meet your financial goals, needs, and priorities.

our process

Step 1

Looking at the Big Picture 

Each client we work with is different. We start with a conversation about what’s important to you and your family. Your goals and objectives should dictate the plan. We get to know you and understand your concerns about the future, as well as your needs for today. Your concerns and needs are the cornerstone when it comes to designing your overall financial plan.  

Step 2

Setting Goals   

The Investments are only half of the plan. Setting goals and targets are just as important. We know goals can change but getting your initial goals on paper helps you get started. First ask yourself, when do you want to retire? How much income will you need? What will taxes look like? What is your estate tax liability? South Shore Investment Services will start to map out what type of investments are appropriate for you, and your family's assets, based on what you are trying to accomplish.   

Step 3

Building Your Plan

Using your goals and our experience as our guide, we evaluate different active and passive solutions. We create a plan to help offer the most potential for your desired level of risk. Where appropriate, we will identify alternative opportunities. If you are entering or nearing retirement, making every effort to protect your assets is our priority.  

Step 4

managing Your Plan

We know that your goals can shift, and objectives might change, so every plan must be flexible. We monitor and benchmark your investments, meet with you regularly, and recommend adjustments as needed to help ensure your goals are met.